Swimming Pool Leak Detection Services

What is a leak detection?

A leak detection is a process of individual methods that accent each other to help pinpoint leaks. 

A swimming pool leak can hide in plain sight and be difficult to spot for even a seasoned detector. Durawise Industry Services can help pinpoint leaks by providing you project with a certified diver to scan the shell of your pool, dye testing to help visually view pinpointed water movement, pressure testing pipes ability to hold pressure within a certain time frame, and location using acoustical amplification probes to listen for escaping air/water.  

Why choose a service with a certified diver?

 As a prospective client you should ask if your pool contractor will be diving the pool, to ensure all aspects of the pool has been visually inspected. A leak can easily be clogged with debris such as leaves, insects and other foreign objects rendering boom mics and underwater listening devices  useless when this occurs. A diver can watch for standing debris, remove drain covers, visually scan you shell, and plug drains for pressure testing. The best part is they’re not holding their breath and rushing through your service order. A certified diver can safely have tanks filled and have underwent special safety training. Beware, if a service is going to cut corners, with their own health they maybe quick to cut corners on your project.  

Why choose Durawise Industry Services?




As a customer, you benefit from proven methods, specialized tools to help track down your swimming pool leak, and a service that has your same goals.   . 

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